Situation Update: (…) supermagnetic nanoparticle “transfection” vaccines enable biological KILL SWITCH

Tuesday, June 15, 2021 by: Mike Adams


Image: Situation Update: Economic alarms, illegal invasion of the USA, supermagnetic nanoparticle “transfection” vaccines enable biological KILL SWITCH
(Natural News) Some of the highlights from today’s Situation Update, which is somewhat outrageous but also based entirely on actual current events:
  • NASA wants to put a vagina on the moon. (For real.)
  • Oil industry human resources recruiter warns that companies are engaged in “succession planning” to replace those who got vaccinated.
  • Eric Clapton issues new warning about the covid vaccine that disabled his hands for three weeks.
  • ADT security technician goes full “digital peeping Tom” to spy on people having intercourse in their own homes. Then again, why are people so stupid that they have sex in front of security cameras? Don’t they know the cameras are streaming to ADT servers?
  • Mainstream pundits now using the term “anti-White” to describe the radical Left’s bigotry and racism.
  • Massive invasion of the USA now under way as Texas and Arizona take steps to get tough.
  • US Senator banned by YouTube for telling the truth about hydroxychloroquine.
  • Austin newspaper protects identity of young black male suspect in drive-by mass shooting.
  • Democrats are calling for government confiscation of 5% of all the wealth of “rich people” in America. If they succeed, the next rounds will be 10%, then 20%.
  • Some guns and ammo are now appearing back in stock, at slightly lower prices.
  • More reports of severe allergic reactions to the covid vaccine. A soccer player collapses and nearly dies 12 days after the vaccine
  • Why the FDA “donated” 10 million doses of the botched J&J vaccine to third world nations before demanding J&J destroy the rest of the 60 million doses.
  • Why BBC presenters keep dying from covid vaccines: Vitamin D deficiency.

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