4 myśli w temacie “WODA ZA DARMO odwiert za 200zł w 1 dzień

  1. Wskrzeszanie starej studni zimą / How to revive old wells in winter?

    Kamil Andrzejewski
    Opublikowany 5 sty 2017

    Na filmiku prezentuje jak obudzić nieużywaną studnie w środku zimy oraz wyjaśniam dlaczego warto posiadać swoją studnie.


  2. Cheap and professional water well – INSCRIPTIONS / 1 day / How to make water well in 1 day

    Kamil Andrzejewski
    Opublikowany 20 lip 2022

    Lack of water? Water is too expensive? are you wondering how to make wells?
    I present instructions on how to make a professional v4 well.
    From the movie you will learn where the water in the ground comes from? what is groundwater / subsurface water? What is 1 aquifer? what is an impermeable layer? and where do the deep waters come from?

    The material was created on the basis of all the problems that you viewers encountered during the construction of your wells from the film: https://youtu.be/wSGZmzBo-N8 and https://youtu.be/ZOhIZl8qc58

    Contact with me? — you need help? – look at the „support” tab under the movie … unfortunately, hundreds of e-mails that come to me and repeated questions made me have to introduce such a system – I will help you, and you will help me with future projects … write me an e-mail in the title by typing „I’m supportive” and I won’t miss him for sure.

    If you have encountered the dust problem, please refer to the community tab on the channel homepage …
    You don’t want to measure holes? – you can purchase a template from wells V3 and use small holes

    Do you want and can you support me?
    see: http://www.patronite.pl/kamilandrzejewski



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